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  • Gareth Richards

Latest Souter Point research report: Schengen Visa Demand 2024-2030

Schengen Visa Demand 2024-2030 is the second independent research report from Souter Point on the global visa industry. It analyses the key drivers of Schengen visa demand for each of the 25 Schengen States that issue Schengen visas overseas and how the Pandemic, War in Ukraine and other geopolitical shocks have impacted this demand - and will continue to impact it through the end of the decade.

Each chapter contains an overview of Schengen visa demand for each individual Schengen State before deep-diving into the drivers of demand for the Top 5 source countries.

The report then provides a short-term outlook for 2023/4 and how Schengen visa demand is recovering from recent geopolitical shocks before providing a longer-term forecast to 2030 to show what Schengen visa demand will likely look like in 2030.

Schengen Visa Demand 2024-2030 is the only independent research report on the Schengen visa industry, created by experts with more than 15 years of global experience with some of the largest organisations in this sector. Based on official statistics published by the European Commission and extensive qualitative research, Schengen Visa Demand 2024-2030 is an essential strategic planning tool for organisations involved in the visa business, including visa application outsourcers, technology providers, institutional investors, strategy consultancies and national governments.

Click this link to find out more about this unique resource, including how to request a sample report (that contains real data) and order your copy of the full 200+ page report today.


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