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Independent 200+ page report analysing the key Schengen visa trends

In-depth analysis of Schengen visa demand for all 25 Schengen States that issue Schengen visas overseas

Deep-dive on the Top 5 source countries for every Schengen State

Short-term analysis of Schengen visa application volumes through 2023/4

Long-term forecast of Schengen visa demand to 2030, developed by analysing every bilateral route

About the Report

In this report, we analyse official European Commission data and provide commentary from extensive research to offer a unique insight into global Schengen visa demand to the end of the decade. We look at how each of the 25 Schengen countries that issue Schengen visas overseas is recovering from the Pandemic, what factors are hindering full recoveries, and what Schengen visa demand levels will be to 2030.

Each Schengen State is analysed, with key data and commentary highlighted. We look at how Schengen visa volumes have changed since 2019 - the last full year pre-Pandemic - how COVID-19-related travel restrictions impacted volumes, and how volumes fared in 2022 when most of the world had dropped Pandemic-era travel controls.

To better understand the key source countries for Schengen visa demand, we do a deep dive into how Schengen visa demand in the Top 5 source countries for each Schengen State developed over the Pandemic and into 2022, using official European Commission data and extensive research to explain the reason why volumes have materialised as they have.

We provide a short-term outlook for each Schengen State, looking at how we expect Schengen visa demand in the Top 5 countries to develop in 2023/4, and how the Top 5 country composition is expected to change between 2019 and 2023 due to external factors.

Finally, we offer a long-term forecast of Schengen visa demand to 2030, discussing the known factors that will impact Schengen visa demand (such as visa waivers and visa facilitation agreements) and commenting on how we believe other factors will impact demand.

How to use this Report

The Schengen Visa Demand 2024-2030 report is an essential tool for any organisation involved in the visa business. 

It provides an independent view on the key drivers of Schengen visa demand for every Schengen State that issues Schengen visas overseas, factoring in the post-COVID-19 recovery trajectory of each country, the fall-out from the War in Ukraine, known Schengen visa waiver programmes and other geopolitical issues.

Schengen Visa Demand 2024-2030 can be used for:

  • Strategic planning to identify growth opportunities

  • Market attractiveness assessments to understand which routes offer the greatest growth potential

  • Risk analysis to identify which routes are the most resilient or vulnerable to geopolitical threats

  • Investment appraisals to support and enhance internal data

  • Market research to gain a clear understanding of the global Schengen visa market and its likely development

Report Contents

Schengen Visa Demand 2024-2030 is a 200+ page independent report that analyses demand for Schengen visas for all 25 Schengen States that issue Schengen visas overseas.

Starting with an overview of the Schengen Area and Schengen Visas, the report first looks at Schengen visa demand at a bloc-level, providing a forecast to 2030 and a deep-dive on the Top 10 source countries for Schengen visa applications globally.

Each chapter then focuses on a Schengen State, covering four areas of analysis: recent trends (2019-2022), Top 5 source countries, short-term outlook (2023/4) and longer-term outlook (to 2030).



Recent Trends

Recent Trends analyses the evolution of Schengen visa demand for each Schengen State individually, using official European Commission data from 2019-2022.

This provides context for how COVID-19 and the War in Ukraine - the two largest geopolitical challenges the Schengen visa market has faced in recent years - have impacted demand for Schengen visas, and why some Schengen States are still experiencing significantly lower demand for Schengen visas that they had pre-Pandemic.


Top 5 Countries

We then do a deep-dive on the Top 5 source countries for Schengen visa demand for each Schengen State, using 2019 data as a basis.

This analysis details the reasons 'why' Schengen visa demand in the largest markets has materialised in such a way from 2019 to 2022, based on extensive research (that is fully referenced).


Short-term Outlook

Following on from our analysis of the Top 5 Source Countries for each Schengen State, we model how demand for Schengen visas likely developed through 2023 and into 2024.

Our focus remains on the Top 5 Source Countries, but in this section we also include analysis of any new source countries that we expect to have entered the Top 5 in 2023.

The change in the Top 5 source country composition is reviewed, illustrating how the relative positions of each source country has changed between 2019 and 2023. 

New entrants into the Top 5 source country list are analysed, as well as those who have dropped out since 2019.


Longer-term Outlook

For every Schengen State we provide a forecast of Schengen visa demand to 2030, along with commentary to support our modelling.

The forecast has been created by analysing every bilateral route between source countries and Schengen State to provide a rigorous projection of what Schengen visa demand will look like by the end of the decade.


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If you would like to see what Schengen Visa Demand 2024-2030 looks like for yourself, complete the form below to request a sample report.

The sample report contains real data from our analysis of Switzerland.

Every chapter in Schengen Visa Demand 2024-2030 follows the same structure and contains the same rigorous analysis, charts and data.

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The Schengen Visa Demand 2024-2030 report is a unique resource that we are offering at an extremely attractive price of just GBP 1,995.00 + VAT (where applicable).

For this you will receive a watermarked pdf version of the report that you can print and share within your organisation.

Orders will be fulfilled within a few hours after you have made a successful payment via bank transfer to Souter Point.

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About the Report Author

Gareth Richards

Author, Gareth Richards, has spent 15 years in the visa business and is the lead author of Visa Application Outsourcing - the Impact of Digitization report and Schengen Visa Demand 2024-2030.


He spent 5 years at TLScontact, one of the world's largest visa application outsourcing companies in several senior and executive management roles.


Since 2015, he has worked as an independent consultant advising  clients such as The Boston Consulting Group, Partners Group, Cinven, Sopra Steria, BLS International and Hotelbeds Group on projects within the visa application outsourcing industry.


He holds an MBA from a top London business school, a postgraduate diploma in Economics from the London School of Economics and has completed executive education courses in digital transformation and digital marketing at MIT and Columbia Business School.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have question about the report, you might find what you are looking for here.

If not, just use the enquiry form to send us a message and we will get right back to you.

Why are you writing this report?

There is very little public information available about this multi-billion dollar, globally strategic industry. While European Commissions statistics tell interested parties 'what' is happening with Schengen visa demand (albeit with a 6-month delay), there is no independent resource that tells you 'why' something is happening or 'how' Schengen visa demand may materialise in the future. Schengen Visa Demand 2024-2030 addresses this by offering a 200+ detailed analysis of all 25 Schengen States that issue Schengen visas overseas, including providing historical context, a deep-dive on the Top 5 source countries for each Schengen State and short-term and longer-term outlooks to the end of the decade.

Who is this report for?

This report is aimed at any organisation that has an interest in understanding how demand for Schengen visas may materalise to the end of the decade, and what the key drivers of this demand are.


It is an excellent resource for institutional investors such as private equity firms, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and other investors looking to learn more about the Schengen visa industry and the potential for profitable growth through investment.

Advisors to institutional investors - such as strategy consultancies and management consultancies - will also find this report is an excellent starting point to get orientated on how the Schengen visa works and what the key opportunities and threats are.

Providers of technology such as document management companies, biometric enrolment companies, those involved in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and builders of identity management mobile applications will find the report helps with market sizing and estimating the potential for growth in this industry.

Visa application outsourcers will find the data extremely useful for strategic planning so they can understand which markets to target and where threats to their existing business lie.

Finally, national governments can use the report to get an independent sense of how Schengen visa demand has responded to the geopolitical threats of COVID-19 and the War in Ukraine, as well as other bilateral issues and opportunities.

Will this report tell me any trade secrets?

No, all information used to create this report is collated from primary research from interviews with industry experts and secondary research from public information such as government websites, newswires and company websites. Sources have been attributed throughout, unless a source has requested to remain anonymous.

In what format is the report published?

You will receive the report in pdf format via email.

How can I order a copt of the report? Do I get my copy of right away?

You can submit the above form to request a free sample report or order the full report.


If you have requested a sample report, we will typically issue this to you within a few business hours.


If you've requested to purchase the full report, after you submit your request we will be in contact to arrange payment via bank transfer. Once the payment has been received, we will send you your copy of the Schengen Visa Demand 2024-2030 report within a few hours.

Can I share or print the report?

You can share the report within your own organisation and can print it as many times as you wish.

However, each report is issued with a watermark bearing your company's name to deter dissemination of the document outside of your organisation.

How do I pay for the report?

Once you request a copy of the report, we will email you with bank transfer details to wire the payment. 

At this time, unfortunately we are unable to offer payment by credit/ debit card or mobile wallet.

What is your refund policy?

If for any reason you decide you wish to cancel your order, you can do so at any time up until the point you receive the report on email. At this time your order is deemed to have been fulfilled and as with all information assets, no refund is accepted after this time.

This does not affect your Statutory Rights.

Do you provide a payment receipt?

Yes, we will provide you with a full receipt including any VAT information along with your copy of the report.

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