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World first Industry Report: Visa Application Outsourcing - the Impact of Digitization

We’re pleased to announce a first for Souter Point and a world first for the visa application outsourcing industry as we prepare to launch a new research report.

Visa Application Outsourcing - the Impact of Digitization on Operating Models, Profitability and Competition” is the only comprehensive and informed research report into the multi-billion dollar global visa application outsourcing industry and an excellent resource for investors, analysts, and businesses looking for growth opportunities.

Image of the front cover of the Visa Application Outsourcing - the Impact of Digitization report
Visa Application Outsourcing - the Impact of Digitization on Operating Models, Profitability and Competition - a world first industry report

Written by industry veterans who have been active in visa application outsourcing since 2009, the report contains rigorous analysis and unique insights from eight executives and consultants at some of the largest businesses in the industry.

The 185-page report provides a comprehensive baseline for how the visa application outsourcing industry works, including market growth projections to 2030 and an analysis of the leading players in the market.

How to Use the Report

The Visa Application Outsourcing Report - the Impact of Digitization on Operating Models, Profitability and Competition Report is an excellent tool for institutional investors, strategy consultancies, technology companies, national governments, and visa application outsourcers looking for growth opportunities in a global industry with 100m+ annual users. It can be used as the basis for:

  • Investment appraisals

  • New market entry strategies

  • Competitive analysis

  • Industry analysis

  • Evaluating growth strategies

  • Business model innovation

Visa Application Outsourcing Industry Overview

Visa Application Outsourcing - the Impact of Digitization on Operating Models, Profitability and Competition is split into two sections.

The first outlines the Visa Application Outsourcing Industry, and the second is our unique analysis of the Impacts of Digitization.

An image showing a sample of market segementation data from the industry analysis section of the Visa Application Outsourcing report
Detailed visa application outsourcing industry analysis

In the Visa Application Outsourcing Industry section you’ll find:

  • Visas Background: types, formats, and uses of visas

  • Visa Market Analysis: global market size, value, and growth forecasts to 2030, including detailed analysis for six major destinations

  • Visa Market Segmentation: how to consider the market across five market segments based on the sophistication of visa application outsourcing and client government behaviors

  • Key Competitors: detailed profiles and market shares of the most prominent firms in the industry

  • Visa Application Outsourcing: key drivers of the industry

  • Visa Application Process: detailed analysis of the traditional visa application outsourcing operating model

  • Added Value Services: operating model and financial analysis of the most common added value services

  • Revenue Models: how visa application outsourcers generate revenue across five different revenue models

  • Procurement Processes: how client governments procure visa application outsourcing services and key

The impact of nine digitization initiatives is also analyzed, looking at how they affect incumbent visa application outsourcer operating models, profitability, and competitiveness.

The Impacts of Digitization on Visa Application Outsourcing

A screenshot of the analysis of operating model impacts from the digitization of the visa application process
In-depth analysis of the impacts of 9 digitization initiatives on incumbent visa application outsourcers

In the Impacts of Digitization section, you’ll find our unique analysis of how the following nine digitization initiatives will impact the industry:

  1. Online Visa Application Forms: swapping out paper-based visa application forms for one of several different online formats

  2. Digital Supporting Documents: submitting supporting documents in digital format and the new added value service opportunities that this change offers

  3. Online Payments: removing cash and payments inside the visa application center

  4. Robotic Process Automation (RPA): harnessing AI and machine learning to quickly and more accurately analyze application materials

  5. Self-service Queue Management: checking in to an appointment at a visa application center using self-service technology

  6. Self-service Biometric Enrollment Kiosks: enrolling biometric data at a self-service kiosk, instead of using an operator-led process

  7. Remote Biometric Enrollment: enrolling biometric data using a mobile phone from anywhere in the world

  8. E-visas: electronic travel credentials that replace physical vignettes placed in passports

  9. Chatbots: 24/7 automated information services using AI-powered online chat services

We also combine all nine digitization initiatives into a single Digitally Transformed Visa Application Center solution, illustrating in detail how a visa application service of the future could look like.

For each digitization initiative, we’ve analyzed its impacts on a traditional visa application outsourcing setup in terms of:

  • Operating Model: considering the impacts across people, process, and technology

  • Profitability: impacts on EBITDA margins across core and added value services, covering three cost-base scenarios

  • Competition: how the competitive environment is impacted, using Porter’s 5 Forces as a framework for analysis

  • Time Horizons: when we expect the impacts of digitization to be most keenly experienced over a short-, medium- and long-term

  • Risks and Limitations: what factors could limit or inhibit the full exploitation of the digitization initiative’s potential

Expert Interviews

A large part of the value of the Visa Application Outsourcing - the Impact of Digitization report comes from the informed views and perspectives gained from interviews we conducted with eight industry experts, which has helped guide our analysis and recommendations.

An image showing two of the eight experts interviewed for the report
The Visa Application Outsourcing - the Impact of Digitization report includes expert interviews with 8 industry professionals

In the report, you’ll find contributions from:

  • Gaurav Aggarwal, Managing Director at BLS International Services Ltd, one of the world's leading visa application outsourcing companies

  • Jean-Francois (Jeff) Lennon, Vice-President Strategic Sales & Global Partnerships at Vision-Box, a major player in travel automation including the use of self-service biometric enrollment kiosks

  • Timothy Nadeau, a former procurement specialist at Public Works and and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) responsible for procuring multi regional and global visa application outsourcing programs

  • Jon Payne, Director - Business Development, Identity Verification at Entrust, a true pioneering company that operates the world’s largest remote biometric enrollment services for visa applications

  • Simon Peachey, Chief Sales Officer at TLScontact, one of the world’s largest visa application outsourcing companies

  • Suprit Roy, a true industry veteran with experience working for some of the largest visa application outsourcers as well as in the wider international travel industry

  • Bill Sillery, a management consultant and identity management specialist, has worked client-side and in the industry on major global visa and identity management programs

  • Marc Ueckermann, Chief Technology Officer at Xenith - Intelligent Content Services, a company specializing in digital document management solutions and the use of automation and AI

The report also contains feedback provided to us by dozens of other people involved in the industry.

Order Your Copy Today

The Visa Application Outsourcing - the Impact of Digitization on Operating Models, Profitability and Competition report is now available for order.

The report list price is GBP 3995 (+any applicable VAT or sales taxes).

Want to Find Out More?

If you'd like to find out more about the world first Visa Application Outsourcing - the Impact of Digitization on Operating Models, Profitability and Competition report, you can email us at and we will send you a report sample.

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