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  • Gareth Richards

Market Sounding Exercise – Migration Agent Marketing Platform

A MIgration Agent taking to a client on the phone
Market Sounding Exercise – Migration Agent Marketing Platform

Souter Point has launched a market-sounding exercise to gauge the interest in registered Australian Migration Agents using a marketing platform to reach better-qualified client leads.

Migration Agents typically face several challenges when marketing their services to prospective clients. Our experience of working with dozens of Migration Agents on other projects highlighted that typically, getting qualified leads is a challenge due to factors such as:

  • Capacity: Migration Agents spend most of their time assisting their clients, and while they may have a website and conduct other marketing activities, they typically do not have a lot of time to devote to acquiring high-quality client leads due to providing the professional visa application services they offer.

  • Low-quality Leads: many potential clients do not fully understand what a Migration Agent does – or how much the professional services they provide cost – and therefore expect assistance for free. Migration Agents are invariably inundated with assistance requests from people who have no hope of fulfilling the eligibility criteria for the types of visas they seek, which wastes a considerable amount of Migration Agent time closing down these conversations in a professional manner.

  • Digital Marketing Constraints: digital marketing is either unavailable or very expensive. Google does not allow Migration Agents to use paid search advertising to market their services, while other paid sources of advertising, such as Facebook Ads, can blow through hundreds of dollars per month and only generate a handful of ‘likes’. While search engine optimization (SEO) can be a lucrative free source of gaining new leads, it is impossible to compete with established businesses for older search terms.

Recognising these challenges, at Souter Point we are conducting a market-sounding exercise to solicit feedback from Australian Migration Agents on a proposed marketing platform that will help address these challenges.

Working with one of Australia’s two exclusive biometric enrolment centre operators, Souter Point is proposing to develop a platform for marketing Migration Agent services that is linked directly to the websites Australian visa applicants must use to book an appointment to enrol their biometric data.

Referrals from these websites to the marketing platform are expected to be of significantly higher quality than those referred through other generic sources, resulting in Migration Agents registered on the marketing platform being able to access better qualified client leads cost-effectively.

If you are an OMARA-registered Australian Migration Agent and would like to participate in this market-sounding exercise, please click the below button and complete the 2-minute survey.

You will also have the option to receive further information on the development of the proposed marketing platform, including the cost, launch date, and special offers available only to Migration Agents who have completed the market-sounding exercise.

You can respond to the market-sounding exercise anonymously, and where you do provide us with data, it will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


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