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When introducing a new product or product features, it is important to plan in advance while retaining the agility to respond to external conditions as they occur. Souter Point follows a structured process for developing new technology products and enhancing existing offerings that releases value early and iteratively improves over time.

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Souter Point has extensive experience of management full stack development and testing teams to deliver a single business vision. Working in a scrum/ agile manner, Souter Point can effectively manage the delivery of value to your business through the right prioritisation of activities and getting the best out of your technical experts.

Brand Strategy


Need a clearer view of how your business hangs together and the impact change will have upon it? Souter Point can deliver structured business analysis and process planning activities so that you will always know the impact of change on the entirety of your operation.



When European digital transformation company Sopra Steria won a £90m contract with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) to deliver a first-of-its-kind visa application outsourcing programme, they went looking for expertise in the sector. Having working in visa application outsourcing for more than a decade - including on other projects for UKVI - Souter Point was appointed in a product ownership role to ensure the new, interconnected applications needed for the programme were fit-for-purpose.


The programme timelines were incredibly tight: just six months between contract award and the first new visa application centre opening. In this time, Sopra Steria had to design, build, test and deploy six new applications, including: website, biometric enrolment system, document scanning solution, case management system, CCTV solution and backend database. Furthermore, the systems had to integrate with UKVI systems both upstream and downstream, and if at any point something went wrong, the affected files could not be easily recovered.


The service simply had to work.

Souter Point worked closely with user experience consultants, user interface designers and business analysts to ensure the applications being designed maximised usablity and that they were accessible for all users of assistive technology. We also worked with external consultants to ensure that biometric enrolment systems were correctly designed and could handle exceptions, as well as ensuring that all third-party applications integrated with the other services being created.

At the end of the six months, the service went live and in its first year handled more than 700k visa applications. After launch, Souter Point was retained for a further six months to help coordinate the pay down debt technical debt and launch new services that brought in more than £450k per month in new revenue.


Souter Point worked with technology start-up Help with my visa! to design, launch and manage an innovative new multi-sided platform business aimed at making it easier for people to access immigration advice and visa service digitally. Working on a tight budget, within three months Souter Point designed and launched a new website capable of managing the multi-sided platform business Help with my visa! required.

As a multi-sided platform, Help with my visa! is able to create value through network effects with its supply chain, partners and customers. As one part of the business grows, this generates a flywheel effect that drives growth in the other parts of the business. As Help with my visa! is able to monetise all sides of its business, both from its supply chain and customers, the increase in revenues as a result of network effects are exponential.

Souter Point has since managed the Help with my visa! platform during business as usual, improving the website to optimise for search and load speed. Help with my visa! now ranks on page one of Google for dozens of major search terms, such as the new UK Scale-up, Young Professionals and High Potential Individual visas.


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