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Unique analysis of the multi-billion dollar global visa application outsourcing industry

Market size, value and growth forecasts to 2030

Operating model, profitability and competition impacts of 9 digitization initiatives analyzed in detail

What a Digitally Transformed Visa Application Center service may look like from 2030 onwards

Insight from interviews with 7 industry experts, plus extensive research by the authors who have been active in visa application outsourcing since 2009

About the Report

Little is known publicly about the global visa application outsourcing industry, which touches the lives of 150m+ people annually.

The industry also going through a digital transformation process, but not in the way most outsiders would expect.


This unique report - written by authors who have worked in the visa application outsourcing industry since 2009 - uncovers how the visa application outsourcing industry operates, its profitability, competitive environment, and how 9 digitization initiatives will impact incumbent service providers over the next decade.

Visa Application Outsourcing - the Impact of Digitization on Operating Models, Profitability and Competition also contains insights from interviews conducted with 7 industry experts, including executives working at 2 of the Top 3 global players, former civil servants involved in the procurement and management of visa application outsourcing contracts as well as independent consultants and suppliers of enabling digital technologies.

How to use this Report

The Visa Application Outsourcing Report - the Impact of Digitization on Operating Models, Profitability and Competition Report is an excellent tool for institutional investors, strategy consultancies, technology companies, national governments and visa application outsourcers looking for growth opportunities in a global industry with 100m+ annual users. It can be used as the basis for:

  • Investment appraisals

  • New market entry strategies

  • Competitive analysis

  • Industry analysis

  • Evaluating growth scenarios

  • Business model innovation

Report Contents

The Visa Application Outsourcing Report - the Impact of Digitization on Operating Models, Profitability and Competition contains 150+ pages of detailed analysis, insight and data.

The report is split into two main sections.


The first provides a detailed background on visa application outsourcing and a rigorous market and competitor analysis.


The second covers our unique analysis of 9 digitization initiatives along the lines of operating model, profitability and competition impacts, considering time horizons and any risks and limitations.


Visa Application Outsourcing

  • Visas Background: what is a visa and how are visas used

  • Visa Market Analysis: market size and growth forecasts to 2030

  • Market Segments: segmentation and detailed growth forecasts of 6 key markets

  • Key Competitors: detailed analysis of the Top 5 companies, market share, strengths and weaknesses

  • Visa Application Outsourcing: key client government drivers

  • Visa Application Process: overview of how a traditional outsourced visa application process works across 5 lifecycle stages

  • Added Value Services: analysis of the most common AVS on almost 1,000 routes, including their price points and profitability

  • Revenue Models: how 5 different revenue models are deployed in the industry and what they means for visa application outsourcers

  • Procurement Processes: how visa application outsourcing contracts are structured, requests for proposal evaluated and key success criteria

The Impact of Digitization

Analysis of 9 digitization initiatives plus a Digitally Transformed Visa Application Center incorporating all 9 technologies:

  • Online Visa Application Forms

  • Digital Supporting Documents

  • Online Payments

  • Self-service Queue Management

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Self-service Biometric Enrollment Kiosks

  • Remote Biometric Enrollment

  • E-visas

  • Chatbots

  • Digitally Transformed Visa Application Center

Each digitization initiative contains detailed analysis, including:

  • Operating Model: impacts on people, process and technology

  • Profitability: EBITDA bridges to illustrate profitability impacts across a base case scenario, plus additional profitability analysis to show how margins change in lower cost and higher cost operating environments

  • Competition: industry analysis using Porter's 5 Forces model to show how competitiveness is impacted by the digitization initiative

  • Time Horizons: forecasts for when the impacts of the digitization initiative are likely to be experienced, taking short-, medium- and long-term views

  • Risks and Limitations: analysis of what factors may limit the impact of the digitization initiative, along with any risks that may jeopardize its proliferation

What the Experts Say

simon peachey.jpg

Simon Peachey
Chief Sales Officer

Discover how one of the largest visa application outsourcers is positioning for the impacts of digitization

marc ueckermann.jpg

Marc Ueckermann
Xenith Technologies

Learn how document digitization, RPA and AI/ ML are being applied to visa projects and their impacts on operating models

jon payne.jpg

Jon Payne
Director Business Development

Find out more about how remote biometric enrolment works, its applications and limitations

Find Out More about the
Visa Application Outsourcing - The Impact of Digitization on Operating Models, Profitability and Competition Report and Pre-order Today

The Visa Application Outsourcing - the Impact of Digitization on Operating Models, Profitability and Competition report is now available for pre-order.

The report list price is GBP 3995 (+any applicable VAT or taxes).

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If you pre-order the Visa Application Outsourcing - the Impact of Digitization on Operating Models, Profitability and Competition report today you will also receive over GBP 5000 in free bonus materials, including:

  • GBP 1000 off the list price, meaning you pay just GBP 2995 (+ any applicable taxes and/ or VAT) for 150+ pages of comprehensive, data-rich analysis

  • A 1-hour video call consultation with the report authors to discuss any aspects of the report

  • Access to video recordings conducted with 7 industry experts

These bonus materials are only available to people who pre-order the report and will not be repeated!

Visa Application Outsourcing - the Impact of Digitization on Operating Models, Profitability and Competition will be officially launched early 2023 so do not delay in pre-ordering your copy to avoid missing out on these high-value bonus materials.


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About the Report Authors

Gareth Richards

Lead author, Gareth Richards, spent 5 years at TLScontact in several senior and executive management roles.


Since 2015, he has worked as an independent consultant advising  clients such as The Boston Consulting Group, Partners Group, Cinven, Sopra Steria, BLS International and Hotelbeds Group on projects within the visa application outsourcing industry.


He holds an MBA from a top London business school, a postgraduate diploma in Economics from the London School of Economics and has completed executive education courses in digital transformation and digital marketing at MIT and Columbia Business School.


Gauthier Beuscart

Gauthier Beuscart is an experienced CFO, consultant and corporate finance specialist having worked for major international companies in China, France, Singapore, Thailand and Spain.


He held an interim CFO role at TLScontact and played a key role in developing winning proposal budgets for multi-million dollar visa application outsourcing projects.


Gauthier holds a masters degree in Business Management and Accounting from EDHEC Business School, one of the leading business schools in Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have question about the report, you might find what you are looking for here.

If not, just use the enquiry form to send us a message and we will get right back to you.

Why are you writing this report?

There is very little public information available about this multi-billion dollar, globally strategic industry. And as the largest company in the business - VFS Global - sold a 90% share for USD 1.9bn during the COVID-19 pandemic to Blackstone, there has been significant interest from institutional investors and advisors wanting to know more about what Blackstone saw in the market... and whether there are other potential acquisition targets that fit their portfolio.

This Visa Application Outsourcing - the Impact of Digitization on Operating Models, Profitability and Competition report seeks to answers the questions institutional investors, strategy consultancies, national governments, visa application outsourcers and providers of enabling technologies have about the visa application outsourcing market in a single, comprehensive report that can be used as the basis for further investigation.

Who is this report for?

This report is primarily aimed at institutional investors such as private equity firms, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and other investors looking to learn more about the visa application outsourcing industry and the potential for profitable growth through investment.

Advisors to institutional investors - such as strategy consultancies and management consultancies - will also find this report is an excellent starting point to get orientated on how the visa application outsourcing industry works and what the main levels for growth are.

Providers of technology such as document management companies, biometric enrolment companies, those involved in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and builders of identity management mobile applications will find the report helps with market sizing and estimating the potential for growth in this industry.

Visa application outsourcers will find the competitive analysis a good external source of insight, a well as better understanding how digitization will impact their business models.

Finally, national governments can use the report to get an independent sense of how visa application outsourcing costs change as the result of digitization and use this insight in planning future procurements.

Will this report tell me any trade secrets?

No, all information used to create this report is collated from primary research from interviews with industry experts and secondary research from public information such as government websites, newswires and company websites. Sources have been attributed throughout, unless a source has requested to remain anonymous.

In what format is the report published?

You will receive the report in pdf format via email.

Do I get my copy of the report right away?

After you submit your request to purchase the report using the enquiry form, we will be in contact to arrange payment via bank transfer. Once the payment has been received, we will send you your copy of the Visa Application Outsourcing - the Impact of Digitization on Operating Models, Profitability and Competition report within a few hours.

All pre-orders will be sent when the report officially launches, which is currently scheduled for early 2023.

Can I share or print the report?

You can share the report within your own organisation and can print it as many times as you wish.

However, each report is issued with a watermark bearing your company's name to deter dissemination of the document outside of your organisation.

How do I pay for the report?

Once you request a copy of the report, we will email you with bank transfer details to wire the payment. 

At this time, unfortunately we are unable to offer payment by credit/ debit card or mobile wallet.

What is your refund policy?

If for any reason you decide you wish to cancel your order, you can do so at any time up until the point you receive the report on email. At this time your order is deemed to have been fulfilled and as with all information assets, no refund is accepted after this time.

This does not affect your Statutory Rights.

Do you provide a payment receipt?

Yes, we will provide you with a full receipt including any VAT information along with your copy of the report.

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