Using a Touch Phone

Identity management and trust in identity are critical in a digital age. Knowing you can trust someone's identity based on their biometric data (fingerprints, facial image, etc.) is becoming increasingly important and much like with the crew of a ship, trust in that data and that crew must be beyond reproach. Souter Point has developed and managed global biometric enrolment programmes for national governments on civil enrolment programmes and can offer a wealth of experience and expertise in advising on what it takes to succeed on large-scale biometric projects.


If you can teach a machine to confidently do the work of a human - or indeed surpass human capability - much like a ship on auto-pilot you can achieve your business goals and put your crew to more productive, human-centric work. Souter Point has design AI and ML solutions that let businesses get more out of their technology and data assets in a way that continuously improves with greater use.

Globalization concept


Virtually everything in today's world can generate data. Sensors, cameras, networks and even mobile devices and laptops offer a wealth of information. How you harness this potential and make use of it to improve your business is where Souter Point can help. Knowing what tools you have under your command and putting them to work brings greater insights into opportunities for improvement.



The world's most valuable companies are now digital marketplaces, connecting one set of users with one or more other parties could offer value. At Souter Point we've developed digital marketplaces and concepts in regulated industries such as financial services and visas and immigration, as well as putting a strategic framework around several startup marketplaces. To see one of our solutions in practice visit Help with my visa! an innovative digital marketplace for buying and selling immigration advice services.